Coyote Ugly บาร์ห้าว สาวฮ็อต (2000) ⭐️ 5.7/10

Coyote Ugly บาร์ห้าว สาวฮ็อต (2000)

Coyote Ugly บาร์ห้าว สาวฮ็อต (2000)
Coyote Ugly (2000)
PG-13 | 1h 40min | Comedy, Drama, Music | 4 August 2000 (USA)

Director: David McNally
Writer: Gina Wendkos
Stars: Piper Perabo, Adam Garcia, John Goodman

เรื่องย่อ Coyote Ugly บาร์ห้าว สาวฮ็อต (2000)

ไวโอเลต แซนฟอร์ด (ไพเพอร์ เพอราโบ) สร้างฝันที่จะเป็นนักแต่งเพลงชื่อดัง จึงเดินทางสู่นิวยอร์ก ทว่ากลับจนหนทางและยากไร้ แต่โชคชะตาได้พลิกผัน เมื่อสาวน้อยขี้อายและไร้เดียงสาได้งานเป็นบาร์เทนดี้ ในโคโยตี้ อั๊กลี่ บาร์สุดฮ็อตที่มันส์สุดเหวี่ยง สาวฮ็อตกลุ่มนี้ต่างโชว์ลีลาสุดเปรี้ยว และยั่วยวน ต่อหน้าลูกค้าแน่นร้านที่รอชมลีลาสะบัดของพวกเธอ




บาร์ห้าว สาวฮ็อต (2000) บาร์ห้าว สาวฮ็อต (2000) Coyote Ugly บาร์ห้าว สาวฮ็อต (2000)


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Coyote Ugly บาร์ห้าว สาวฮ็อต (2000)


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Violet Sanford leaves her hometown of South Amboy, New Jersey, her father Bill, and her best friend Gloria, to pursue her dreams of becoming a songwriter in nearby New York City. Violet tries multiple times to get her demo tape noticed by the recording studios but is unsuccessful. One night, she tries to get herself noticed by a music industry scout. The bartender jokingly points out Kevin O’Donnell, making her believe that he is the bar owner. When she discovers the joke, Violet feels hurt because she thinks Kevin was trying to make her look foolish. With only a few dollars left in her pocket after her apartment is burglarized, she goes to an all-night diner and notices three girls, Cammie, Rachel, and Zoe, flaunting the hundreds of dollars in tips they earned. After inquiring, she finds out that they work at a trendy bar named Coyote Ugly.

She finds her way to the bar and convinces the bar owner Lil to give her an audition. Violet’s first audition does not go well; but after Violet breaks up a fight between two customers, Lil gives her a second audition. At her second audition, Violet douses the fire warden in water which costs Lil $250. However, Lil decides she can work at the bar if she can make up $250 in one night. Kevin turns up at the bar, and Violet auctions him off to another woman at the bar to earn the money. Kevin tells Violet that she owes him, so Violet agrees to go on four dates with him. The two begin a relationship.

Kevin commits himself to helping Violet overcome her stage fright, which she is informed she’ll have to do to have her songs heard. Violet tells Kevin she inherited her stage fright from her now deceased mother, who also moved to New York in her youth to pursue her dreams of singing. Violet’s stage fright mostly extends to singing her original pieces, as she’s able to sing in the bar doing karaoke to help Cammie and Rachel, break up a fight between customers.

One night, a patron takes a picture of Violet in the middle of a raunchy move with water pouring on her. When the picture appears in the paper, her dad Bill sees it and gets angry at her. She keeps the job despite her dad’s wishes, but shortly thereafter gets fired when Kevin gets into a fight at the bar. She and Kevin then break up. With her dreams not working and her job at the bar terminated, Violet goes to New Jersey for Gloria’s wedding. Bill gets into a car accident which almost prompts Violet to move back to New Jersey, but Bill convinces her not to give up while telling her the truth that her mother didn’t actually have a problem with stage-fright and quit singing because of Bill.

Back in New York Lil visits Violet at a restaurant where she is now working and the two make amends. Violet finishes a new song and later performs it at an open mic night at the Bowery Ballroom after a difficult start with the Coyotes from the Coyote Ugly saloon, Bill, Gloria, and Kevin all there for moral support. The performance leads to a deal with a record label. The film concludes back at Coyote Ugly with LeAnn Rimes, having recorded Violet’s song, singing on the bar as Violet joins in and Violet kissing Kevin celebrating her dream coming true.