Little Monsters ซอมบี้มาแล้วงับ (2019) ⭐️ 6.3/10

Little Monsters ซอมบี้มาแล้วงับ (2019)

Little Monsters ซอมบี้มาแล้วงับ (2019)
Little Monsters (2019)
R | 1h 33min | Comedy, Horror | 11 October 2019 (USA)

Director: Abe Forsythe
Writer: Abe Forsythe
Stars: Lupita Nyong’o, Alexander England, Josh Gad

เรื่องราวของครูสาว แคโรไลน์ ที่พาเด็กนักเรียนชั้นอนุบาลมาทัศนศึกษา ณ ฟาร์มแห่งหนึ่ง แต่หารู้ไม่ว่าที่นั่นกำลังระบาดไปด้วยไวรัสซอมบี้ ด้วยความเป็นครู เธอจึงต้องทำทุกทางเพื่อไม่ให้เด็กรู้สึกว่ากำลังเจอกับเรื่องราวที่สยองขวัญที่สุดในชีวิต งานนี้ได้นักแสดงนำหญิง “ลูพิต้า ยองโก” เจ้าของรางวัลออสการ์จาก 12 Years a Slave สวมจริตเป็นครูอนุบาลที่ต้องนำพาชีวิตเด็กๆ ให้รอด หนังได้รับเชิญให้ไปฉายรอบปฐมทัศน์โลกที่เทศกาลหนังซันแดนซ์มาแล้ว พร้อมกับกวาดคำชมจากนักวิจารณ์ถึง 93% ในหน้าเว็บ Rotten tomato




Little Monsters ซอมบี้มาแล้วงับ (2019) Little Monsters ซอมบี้มาแล้วงับ (2019)


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Little Monsters ซอมบี้มาแล้วงับ (2019)


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Dave is a foul-mouthed, washed-up musician who goes through a rough break up with his girlfriend and is forced to stay with his sister and her son, Felix, a child with a fascination for tractors.

While dropping Felix off at school, Dave meets Miss Caroline, Felix’s kindergarten teacher, and is attracted to her. After a parent drops out from an upcoming field trip to a farm, Dave volunteers to chaperone, mostly to be near Miss Caroline.

On the day of the field trip, Dave is upset to learn that children’s television personality, Teddy McGiggle is filming his show there and that Miss Caroline is engaged to someone else. Meanwhile, zombies break out of a U.S. testing facility and head straight for the farm. During a tractor ride, the class is attacked by zombies and tries to escape only to find the whole farm overrun with zombies.

They try to escape back to the bus, but find it too is overrun with zombies. They try to seek shelter in the gift shop only to find Teddy McGiggle locked in and refusing to let them in. Miss Caroline and the children crawl into an opening next to the shop. Dave breaks in from the roof, beats up Teddy, and lets Miss Caroline and the kids in. Felix then has an allergic reaction after Dave accidentally feeds him chips with dairy in them. After a botched attempt to give Felix epinephrine, Miss Caroline rushes to get some from Felix’s backpack, which was left in the tractor with the others. She makes it back as Teddy tries to signal a military helicopter. He falls off the roof and is rescued by Dave, to whom Teddy reveals that his real name is Nathan and that he’s an alcoholic sex addict who loves Milfs and hates children.

That night, while Teddy and the children are asleep, Dave and Miss Caroline talk to each other. Dave tells her about how his father left him when he was young and that only his sister was there for him. Miss Caroline reveals that she is not engaged as her fiancé had cheated on her. She wears the ring only to keep single fathers away.

The next day, the military plans to bomb the gift shop and destroy the zombies to prevent an outbreak. The survivors decide to get a large vehicle and drive to safety. Teddy and Dave attempt to get Teddy’s McGiggle mobile, but Teddy betrays him before he is eaten by a zombie in the car. Felix later saves Dave by driving the tractor, which he knows how to drive due to his love of tractors, and they rescue Miss Caroline and the kids. As they drive to safety, they discover that the zombies respond to the music Miss Caroline plays. They eventually reach the military and escape just as the military bombs the farm and kills all the zombies.

Dave and Miss Caroline share a kiss as they and the kids are taken away by men in radiation suits. The survivors are placed in quarantine for 48 hours in case of infection. The final scene shows Dave, Miss Caroline, and the kids singing Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off,” which Dave previously hated as the kids parents watch on with tears of joy in their eyes.