Carriers เชื้อนรกไวรัสล้างโลก (2009) ⭐️ 6.0/10

Carriers เชื้อนรกไวรัสล้างโลก (2009)

Carriers เชื้อนรกไวรัสล้างโลก (2009)
Carriers (2009)
PG-13 | 1h 24min | Adventure, Drama, Thriller | 2 September 2009 (Indonesia)

Directors: David Pastor, Àlex Pastor (as Alex Pastor)
Writers: Àlex Pastor, David Pastor
Stars: Chris Pine, Piper Perabo, Lou Taylor Pucci

เรื่องย่อ Carriers เชื้อนรกไวรัสล้างโลก (2009)

เรื่องราวของวัยรุ่น 4 คนที่ต้องหนีตายจากเชื้อไวรัสที่แพร่กระจายอย่างรวดเ ร็วจากอเมริกาใต้ และกำลังระบาดไปทั่วทุกมุมโลก เชื้อไวรัสมรณะนี้ติดต่อได้ง่ายเพียงแค่การสัมผัสถูกคนที่ติดเชื้อเท่านั้น ไม่มีใครช่วยเหลือใครได้ พวกเขาทั้ง 4 คนมีจุดหมายเพียงหนึ่งเดียวคือ หนีไปยังสถานที่ที่เงียบสงบ และปลอดภัยจากเชื้อไวรัสมรณะนี้ แต่ระหว่างการเดินทางพวกเขาต้องพบกับอันตรายต่างๆ ซึ่ง…พวกเขาต้องรอด!!




Carriers เชื้อนรกไวรัสล้างโลก (2009) เชื้อนรกไวรัสล้างโลก (2009) เชื้อนรกไวรัสล้างโลก (2009) เชื้อนรกไวรัสล้างโลก (2009)


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Carriers เชื้อนรกไวรัสล้างโลก (2009)


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An infectious virus has spread worldwide, killing most of the population. Two brothers, Brian and Danny, along with Brian’s girlfriend Bobby and Danny’s friend Kate, head to Turtle Beach in the southwestern United States, a secluded beach motel where they believe they can wait for the viral pandemic to die out and eventually start a new life. To help them survive, they follow a set of rules created by Brian.

On their way to the beach, the group encounter survivor Frank and his infected daughter Jodie, whose vehicle has run out of fuel. The four escape from Frank when he attacks them but their car breaks down and they are forced to help Frank and Jodie so they can use his vehicle. At Frank’s insistence, they travel to a nearby high school where a serum for the pandemic is rumored to have been developed. Upon arriving, Frank, Brian, Danny, and Kate discover that the serum does not work, and the last remaining doctor is preparing to euthanize a group of infected children and himself. Meanwhile, Bobby is infected by Jodie and hides her infection from the others. Frank is later forced to bring Jodie to a portable toilet, giving Brian the opportunity to leave them behind and take their vehicle.

The group then stops at a hotel, which, unknown to them, is being used as a base by armed survivalists. When the survivalists return, they ambush the group and declare their intent to keep the girls. Forcing Bobby and Kate to disrobe to check them for infection, the survivalists discover that Bobby is infected and order them away. With Bobby’s infection revealed to the rest of the group, Brian forces her to leave.

As they run low on fuel, Brian kills two women to siphon their vehicle but suffers a gunshot wound in the process. While treating his brother’s injury, Danny discovers that Brian is infected. That night, Danny attempts to leave Brian behind but Brian takes the keys to their vehicle. Determined to not die alone from the virus, Brian refuses to surrender the keys and urges Danny to kill him. Left with no other option, Danny shoots Brian to death. Danny and Kate reach Turtle Beach the next morning, but Danny realizes that without his brother, the place that had seemed so special to them as kids is now empty.