#Alive (#Saraitda) คนเป็นฝ่านรกซอมบี้ (2020) ⭐️ 6.2/10

#Alive (#Saraitda) คนเป็นฝ่านรกซอมบี้ (2020)

#Alive (#Saraitda) คนเป็นฝ่านรกซอมบี้ (2020)
#Alive (2020)
#Saraitda (original title)
TV-MA | 1h 38min | Action, Drama, Horror | 8 September 2020 (USA)

Director: Il Cho
Writers: Il Cho (screenplay), Matt Naylor
Stars: Yoo Ah-In, Park Shin-Hye, Jeon Bae-soo

Alive คนเป็นฝ่านรกซอมบี้

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#Alive (#Saraitda) คนเป็นฝ่านรกซอมบี้ (2020) #Alive (#Saraitda) คนเป็นฝ่านรกซอมบี้ (2020) Alive คนเป็นฝ่านรกซอมบี้ (2020) Alive คนเป็นฝ่านรกซอมบี้ (2020)


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#Alive (#Saraitda) คนเป็นฝ่านรกซอมบี้ (2020)


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Oh Joon-woo is alone in his family’s apartment when a mysterious disease that causes those infected to attack and eat uninfected people breaks out in the news and around him. From his balcony, Joon-woo sees a panicked crowd fleeing and being attacked. When he opens the door to the hallway, a neighbour barges in. The man begs to stay but succumbs to infection and attacks Joon-woo. Joon-woo pushes him back out and locks the door. He then receives messages from his parents telling him they are safe.

Joon-woo blocks his front door with the fridge and posts a rescue request on social media. He watches a policewoman running from infected officers and being attacked by other infected. Although he shouts at them out of sympathy, the policewoman is overwhelmed. The neighbourhood becomes overrun with infected. Though the emergency power stays on, Joon-woo gradually loses access to phone networks, the internet, and running water. Another infected man breaks into the apartment, knocking over the fridge and destroying the food inside. Joon-woo tricks him into falling off the balcony. As Joon-woo hallucinates about his parents and sister due to hunger and thirst, his phone network is restored momentarily. He receives a voicemail from his family recording their last moments.

Joon-woo attempts suicide by hanging but manages to free himself when he sees the laser pointer’s light moving around his apartment. Kim Yoo-bin, a survivor living in the opposite apartment, signals to him and later tries to set up a zip line to send him food. While her line tied to a baseball does not make it across, the line he sends over with a drone does. An infected firefighter tugs on and climbs up the first, failed zip line, which Yoo-bin tied to a table. The table knocks her out. Despite Joon-woo’s distractions, the infected reaches the balcony but falls to his death when she wakes up and cuts off his hand. Joon-woo steals food, clothing, and walkie-talkies from his neighbour’s unit and sends a walkie-talkie to Yoo-bin. The two talk and bond.

The infected hordes become agitated, and Yoo-bin nervously knocks over a shelf while in view of a window to the hallway. A group converges at her door, but Joon-woo distracts them by calling the unit adjacent to hers. The pair gear up and rappel from their balconies, take the policewoman’s dropped revolver, and fight their way to the 8th floor of Joon-woo’s apartment, thinking no one lived on that floor. An infected man on the floor sees them and summons other infected. As the pair is about to be overtaken, an older man emerges from the last suite on the floor and saves them with smoke bombs.

In the stranger’s home, the pair accepts his food and water, and Joon-woo falls asleep. As Yoo-bin tries to fight off the drug effects, the stranger binds their wrists and locks Yoo-bin in a bedroom with his infected wife. Joon-woo wakes up and threatens the stranger with a gun, but drops it to pull on the wife’s harness under the door. The bedroom grows silent. The stranger opens the door to check on his wife, and who falls into him with Yoo-bin, who saved herself by pulling fabric over the infected wife’s head. The man surrenders to his wife’s attack, and Yoo-bin shoots them both with the gun.

The gunshots attract more infected, and Yoo-bin asks Joon-woo to kill her. As he hesitates, helicopters pass outside. The pair rush to the rooftop while chased by the infected. As they are about to be overwhelmed at the edge of the roof, an army helicopter appears behind them and shoots at the horde before carrying the pair to safety. A voiceover by an anchor explains that wireless networks are being restored and the military has begun rescuing survivors who made social media posts.